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Plainfield Fence Company - Wood Privacy Fence Installation in Plainfield, IL #1010


Illinois Fence Company had the privilege to install over 250' of 6-foot wood privacy fence in Plainfield, IL. As you can see from the photos, it turned out great! The fence crew was able to do the job in 2 days! They dug all the new holes, set the posts, and removed all the dirt the first day. On the second day, the fence installation team hung all the fence sections, put on the post caps and trim boards, and hung all the gates.   As you can see in the video, the homeowners were excited to let their chickens run free. 

The fence that we installed is referred to as a 6-foot solid traditional cedar fence with 2-4 split and face trim board. The 2-4 split refers to the inside of the fence. Looking at the photos, you can see that the middle 2x4 is raised up afoot. So from the bottom 2x4 to the middle is 4-feet and 2-feet from the middle 2x4 to the top 2x4. There is no structural value for raising the middle 2x4 up, but it does give the fence a more modern look. As for the face trim board, that is on the outside of the fence. You can either put that on top of the fence or the face; it depends on your preference. Either way, the trim board gives it a more finished look!

All of the wood that we used for the fence installation was cedar. The posts are a full 4-inch white cedar post! We have been using identical fence posts for over 30 years, and they withstand the elements well. The white cedar posts don't need to be treated at all. If you leave them be, they will naturally turn grey over time. However, if you want them to look good longer, you can stain them a color of your liking. We set all of the posts in concrete, a mix of portland cement, stone, and sand. In our professional opinion, this is the best way to install a fence, whether it's wood, vinyl, aluminum, or chainlink. 

As a fence company, it was a privilege to install this fence in Plainfield, IL, and we hope you enjoyed the project review. If you like this wood fence, feel free to check out our other wood fence photos!  View more wood fence photos!

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Wood Fence Installation in Romeoville IL - Illinois Fence Company #1009


Check out our latest wood fence installation in Romeoville IL. As a local fence company, we installed over 200ft of fencing in our customer's backyard. The style is referred to as a 4ft traditional spaced picket fence with a top cap board. The fence was installed by Illinois Fence Company. Click here to view more wood fence photos!

Wood Fence Installation in Tinley IL - Illinois Fence Company #1007​


Check out our latest wood fence installation in Tinley Park IL. As a local fence company, we installed over 150ft of privacy cedar fencing in our customer's backyard. The style is referred to as a Solid Traditional Privacy fence with a raised middle frame. We also used 4x4 cedar posts and added a decorative trim board to the outside of the fence. The fence was installed by Illinois Fence Company. View more wood fence photos today!

Cedar Split Rail Fence Installation in Lemont IL - Illinois Fence Company #1005​


Looking for a farmhouse rustic look for your next fence installation? Look no further! We installed over 300+ feet of cedar split rail fence with wire in a challenging yard. We thought our last project had a lot of trees! View more wood fence photos on our website today!

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