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Is An Aluminum Fence Right for You?

If you desire the luxurious look of a wrought iron fence but need a more affordable option, then an aluminum fence might be the right choice for you!​ One of the core benefits of aluminum fencing is that it is virtually maintenance free and will provide lasting beauty for many years to come. Plus, at Illinois Fence Company, we offer a wide range of products to choose from, and in unique situations, we even can custom design aluminum fence panels to fit your specific needs.

Quality Aluminum Fencing

As one of the leading aluminum fence companies in Orland Park and the surrounding suburbs, with Illinois Fence Company you can rest assured that we are going to provide you with the highest level of quality materials available on the market today! We use a unique powder-coating process that results in a stronger exterior finish, that is less prone to scratches than other cheaper aluminum fence products that are merely painted a particular color, resulting in a final product that will age well over time, even when subjected to the harsh weather conditions we experience here in the greater Chicagoland area.

Benefits of Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fence is an excellent alternative to wrought iron fencing. Not only is it a more affordable option, but in some cases, it can mimic the look and feel of traditional iron fencing. It can provide your backyard space with unmatched beauty at a fraction of the cost. Aluminum fencing is not only elegant, but it is durable and highly customizable. Below are some of the significant benefits of aluminum fences:

  • Pet Safety: By installing an aluminum fence in your backyard, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets are safe when you let them outside to go to the bathroom. Too many times we have heard stories where other dogs or children come into homeowners yard and cause problems with pets that are outside unattended.
  • Child Safety: Probably the most critical reason parents buy a fence, is because they want to give their children a safe space to play in. With an aluminum fence, you can rest assured knowing that unwanted guests (animals for instance) don't wander into your backyard when you are not around. With proper installation and gate hardware, you can also make sure that your kids can't quickly get outside the fence, and wander off into hazardous areas, like ponds, creeks, or busy streets.
  • Increased Beauty: As we mentioned before, aluminum fencing provides you with a luxurious look and feel of iron fencing at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to make a statement and increase the overall value of your home, then aluminum fencing is right for you!
  • Strength: Aluminum fences are durable and have been known to stand up well under the changing seasons we experience in Illinois. If you are looking for a fence that will last many years to come, with little to no maintenance, them aluminum will be a great option for you!
  • Variety of Styles: Lastly, there are so many different styles of aluminum fences available today, here at Illinois Fence Company, we are confident that you are going to find something that will match the look and feel of your home at unbeatable prices. 


Aluminum fences are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a durable, low-maintenance fencing option that offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Understanding the proper care and maintenance practices for aluminum fences is crucial to ensure their longevity and preserve their original beauty. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the factors that contribute to the durability of aluminum fences, explore their maintenance needs, and provide detailed tips on how to care for and extend the lifespan of these fences.

Part 1: Durability of Aluminum Fences

Material Strength:

Aluminum fences are constructed using high-grade aluminum alloys, which provide exceptional strength and durability. The lightweight nature of aluminum makes it easy to handle during installation while maintaining structural integrity. Unlike iron or steel, aluminum does not rust or corrode, ensuring that the fence maintains its strength and stability over time.

Corrosion Resistance:

One of the most significant advantages of aluminum fences is their excellent resistance to corrosion. Aluminum naturally forms a protective oxide layer on its surface, which prevents the metal from rusting or deteriorating. Additionally, aluminum fences are typically powder-coated or finished with a protective coating, further enhancing their resistance to moisture, salt, and other corrosive elements. This protective layer not only contributes to the fence's durability but also maintains its aesthetic appeal by preventing discoloration or fading.

Weather Resistance:

Aluminum fences are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions. They are highly resistant to UV rays, ensuring that the fence retains its original color and finish without fading or chipping. Additionally, aluminum is non-reactive to temperature changes, allowing the fence to expand and contract without warping or cracking in extreme weather conditions, including freezing winters or sweltering summers.

Low Maintenance:

One of the key advantages of aluminum fences is their low maintenance requirements. Unlike wood fences that require regular painting or staining, aluminum fences do not need to be repainted or sealed regularly. The protective coatings applied during manufacturing help maintain the fence's appearance and durability. Additionally, the smooth surface of aluminum makes it resistant to dirt and debris accumulation, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Part 2: Proper Care and Maintenance of Aluminum Fences

Regular Cleaning:

To keep an aluminum fence looking its best, regular cleaning is essential. Use a soft brush or sponge and a mild detergent mixed with water to gently scrub the fence. Pay attention to areas that accumulate grime or stains, such as near sprinklers or in high-traffic areas. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any soap residue. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that could scratch the protective finish.


Periodically inspect the fence for any signs of damage or wear. Check the fence posts, pickets, and connections for stability and integrity. Ensure that all screws or bolts are tightened and that the fence is securely fastened. Look for any bent or damaged sections and address them promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Landscaping Considerations:

Take into account the landscaping around the aluminum fence to maintain its durability and appearance. Avoid allowing vines, shrubs, or trees to grow too close to the fence, as they can rub against the surface and cause scratches or damage the finish. Trim vegetation regularly to prevent contact with the fence and ensure proper airflow, reducing the risk of moisture buildup and potential damage.

Repairs and Touch-ups:

In the event of minor scratches or damage to the fence's surface, touch-ups can be applied to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Use a matching paint or touch-up pen specifically designed for aluminum surfaces. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper application, and apply the touch-up paint carefully to blend it seamlessly with the surrounding area. For more significant damage, consult a professional for proper repair solutions.

Caring For Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences offer a durable and low-maintenance fencing option for homeowners. By understanding the factors that contribute to their durability and implementing proper care and maintenance practices, high school students can ensure their aluminum fences remain sturdy, visually appealing, and functional for years to come.

The high-grade aluminum alloys used in the construction of these fences provide exceptional strength and structural integrity. Their corrosion resistance, including the formation of a protective oxide layer and the application of protective coatings, ensures that aluminum fences withstand the test of time, even in harsh weather conditions.

Regular cleaning is essential to remove dirt and debris, and periodic inspections help identify any signs of damage or wear. Addressing repairs promptly, such as tightening screws or bolts and replacing damaged sections, is crucial to maintaining the fence's stability and integrity.

Considering the landscaping around the aluminum fence, such as keeping vegetation trimmed and preventing contact with the fence, contributes to its longevity. For minor scratches or damage, touch-up paint can be applied to maintain the fence's appearance and protect it from further deterioration.

In conclusion, aluminum fences provide a durable, low-maintenance fencing solution that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal. By following the proper care and maintenance guidelines outlined in this comprehensive guide, high school students can enjoy the benefits of an aluminum fence that enhances their property's security, privacy, and curb appeal for many years to come.

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