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Choosing A Fence Contractor in orland hills, illinois

Are you looking to have a new fence installed in your backyard? As a resident of the Village of Orland Hills, you must use a licensed fence contractor for your next fence installation.  The Village strongly recommends that you do business with a fence company that you have worked with in the past if possible. If you're having a fence installed for the first time, then we suggest that you do a quick google search for local fence companies in your area. You can quickly and easily read online reviews, but you should also talk with family and friends to see who they would recommend. If you still can't find a fence company that meets your fence installation needs, please contact the Orland Hills Building Department for a list of licensed contractors in your area. As with any large home improvement projects for your home, we suggest that you get estimates from 3-4 fence contractors before making your final decision.

orland hills, il Fence Contractor Considerations

​So when it comes to selecting a fence company, as we mentioned above, it's highly advisable to check out the fence contractors online reputation before signing any contracts. Be wary of "special deals." Make sure to ask the fence company for proof of insurance to cover their fence installations. Ask for references and drive around neighborhoods in Orland Hills and personally inspect other fences the company has installed in your area. If the fence salesman promises you any guarantees, make sure to get them in writing. You will want to obtain a written estimate and formal contract and make sure the salesman signs your copy before they leave. If at all possible, avoid cash-only types of arrangements. Reasonable down payments are in the 10-30% range for most fence companies. Make sure to be home on the day of the fence installation and don't sign off on the work until you are 100% satisfied. Make sure either you, or the fence company handles the permits and or inspections for your next fence project. 

Orland Hills, il Fence Permit

​​So once it comes time to fill out the fence permit application, there are a few things to keep in mind. The Village is going to want necessary details such as your name, address, and phone number, etc. But at this point in the process, you're going to need to provide them with the name, address, and phone number of the fence contractor you plan to have complete the work. As we have already discussed, you must use a fence company licensed with the Village of Orland Hills to complete fence installations with-inside the city limits. Submit two copies of your Plat of Survey showing exactly where you plan to have the fence installed as it relates to your property line. We recommend that you take a yellow highlighter and mark where the fence is going on the Survey. Also indicate existing structures, such as a house, accessory buildings, shed, pool, deck, etc. The Village wants to see the exact location and length of the proposed fence. You will then need to sign and date the fence permit application and turn it into the Building Department at your local Village Hall. One other thing to keep in mind is inspections. Make sure to request your inspections 24 hours in advance. You will need a post hole inspection. The Village sends out an inspector to verify the post holes dug by the fence company are deep enough to comply with Village Ordinances. And you will also need a final inspection upon completion of the fence installation. 

​Additional Fence Permit Guidelines for Orland Hills, illinois

​Make sure your fence company sets all fence posts in concrete, as many fence companies have different methods used during the fence installation process. Is your property in Orland Hills located on a corner lot? If so, please contact the building department, as there are special rules and regulations regarding corner lots. The Village will want to know the type of fence material you plan to have installed such as chain link, wood, or vinyl. You will need to provide the proposed height of the fence from the ground to the highest part of the fence in both feet and inches if applicable. The finished side of the fence must face outward towards your neighbors, and all posts/2x4's will remain on the interior of the fence. You will need to agree on the application that all "sharp points" and "edges" will be removed upon completion of the fence installation. The Village of Orland Hills will want to know if you are installing a fence for security reasons for a swimming pool as well. If you are having a fence installed near an easement (utility, drainage, landscape), you will need to make sure there is proper spacing from said easements. The Village wants to make sure that there will be no issues with drainage. Make sure your fence company installs removable sections near utility boxes so that your utility provider can efficiently perform routine maintenance. Make sure your fence contractor hauls away excess dirt before the final inspection. And lastly, the Village will want to verify that you have the permission of your neighbors to connect to their fence.

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If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming fence installation with Illinois Fence Company, please feel free to call, text, or email us at any time. If you need to speak with the Village of Orland Hills, please see their contact details below and reach out to them directly.


The Village of Orland Hills Website - Applications/Forms/Permits

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