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​Lemont, illinois - Fence Permits are Required

Are you thinking about hiring a local fence company? As a resident of the Village of Lemont, you should keep in mind that most home improvement projects (including fence installations) require building permits and inspections to comply with the Villages' Zoning and Building Codes. Whether you are looking to have an old fence replaced, or a brand new fence installed, you are going to need to apply for a permit before starting the fence installation process. 

Fence Application Details: village of ​Lemont, illinois

​As you are filling out the fence permit application, they will want to know necessary information like your name, address, phone, etc. However, you will also have to provide the name of the fence company or contractor that you have selected to perform the fence installation. They will want details about the specific fence you plan to have installed, such as what type of fence you are proposing, the planned height of the fence, and the total cost of the project. Please keep in mind that the total cost of the fence construction will determine the permit fee, but most Lemont residents pay around $50 for their fence permits.

Fence Permit Requirements village of ​Lemont, illinois

​It is important to note that local fence companies are not allowed to install chain link fences in residential districts within the Village of Lemont. The first step in the fence application process is to submit the written contract or estimate you received from the fence company you have selected to perform the fence installation. You will also need to provide your Plat of Survey with markings showing the proposed location of the fence as it relates to your lot lines. You are allowed to have the fence installed up to the boundary of the lot line, as long as the fence is still on your property. The unfinished side of the fence, including the posts and 2x4's, must be kept inside the interior of the yard during the fence installation process, and the finished side of the fence must face outward toward your neighbors' properties. In the Village of Lemont, you are allowed to install fences in utility and/or drainage easements as long as the fence does not interfere with existing utilities or drainage. Also, on your Play of Survey, the Village wants to see the current location of other things on your property, such as a shed, deck, or pool. Please keep in mind that you (or your fence company) needs to call J.U.L.I.E. (800-892-0123) two days before any digging begins on your property so that they can come out and mark all the underground cables. Once your fence installation is complete, you will want to contact the Village to schedule a final inspection. Failure to do so could result in penalties and additional permitting fees for homeowners and fence companies. 

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There has been a rise in recent years, of Lemont homeowners complaining to the Village about having unsatisfactory work performed by unskilled and unqualified contractors. Before you select a fence company, we highly recommend that you check with the Village of Lemont to verify that the fencing contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. Local fence companies are not allowed to perform fence installations within the city limits without first being licensed with the Village. We also strongly recommend that you check with the Better Business Bureau and other informational websites before selecting a fence company. Nowadays, you can do a quick Google search and read real reviews from homeowners just like you that have already used the fence company that you are considering. It would also be a good idea to drive around your subdivision and look for other fences that have been installed to see the quality of work for yourself. You can even ask neighbors, friends, and family which company they would recommend. The bottom line is that there are many ways to protect yourself from dealing with fence companies that provide low-quality fence installations or poor customer service experiences. 

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If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming fence installation with Illinois Fence Company, please feel free to call, text, or email us at any time. If you need to speak with the Village of Lemont, please see their contact details below and reach out to them directly.

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